My Developer Story.

My name is Dillion Megida. I am not completely a full-stack Web developer, but very soon, I will!

This is my first blog on this platform, and I hope to keep it as a reference for young or upcoming devs. Not just that, but to also make it a reference to myself when I fully become a full-stack Web developer.

My little story goes as follows; I was introduced to Website design in early 2016. The usual interest - which one feels when introduced to an amazing skill - also captured me. I was wowed. 'That means I can also create websites just from my pc?', I asked with this strange expression of joy on my face.

As time went by, this interest began to die little by little. This was due to my lack of knowledge of what Web Design actually entails. At some point, after being conversant with HTML and CSS to an extent, I discovered JS and back-end structure. Then, I discovered Static and Dynamic Websites and furthermore, Website Design and Website Development. My problem really was that I didn't follow a pattern when learning. I just followed a series of tutorials arbitrarily.

Well, I got back on track. I came across some devs who helped me (and are still helping) in this adventure.

As time went on, I got to understand that commitment augments the interest to achieve the desired goal. The challenges I experienced weren't encouraging, talking about the power supply, poor network and all that. It wasn't really easy for me. But anytime I look at my target or look at good devs around me (or even online such as social media), there is this change of gear I usually engage. I would say to myself,

'Dillion, keep it up. You would soon get there and even go higher'

I was then introduced to FreeCodeCamp and W3Schools. To be honest, commitment is hard sometimes. At a point, you're just bored with everything when still at the early phase, but then DO NOT FORGET WHY YOU STARTED AND WHY YOU HAVEN'T GIVEN UP BEFORE.

My mum usually tells me,

There is no excuse for failure.

I went into Web Development with full force, learned a back-end language (PHP) and started creating little websites. One problem I had was I never finished any of those websites because at some point, when I want to implement a function or operation on the website, I would discover that I haven't learned enough to do that, and I'd just drop the project. This was a bad approach, I do not encourage it for anyone. You may keep the project on hold to achieve that missing skill, but do not drop the project totally.

I called it a little story, I guess I'll stop here. In conclusion, pick up a pattern (usually books or video tutorials starting from the basic) on learning those languages. Stop skipping steps when learning. Commitment is far essential than the interest alone. Stop using challenges as excuses not to learn or grow, instead use those challenges to never give up and also add up to your success story.

I am not only specific about Web Development, but there are also many skills out there ranging from Data Science to Artificial Intelligence and the likes. But these aforementioned approaches are what I think can help you achieve your goal. There are still many more approaches I would share as time goes on.

I am not a professional web developer. But I know I will get there in no time as long as I do not give up. There's still a whole lot to learn.

Thank you so much for reading this. Kindly follow also as I'll keep dropping more blogs as I grow.

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